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Precautions for installation of guardrail reflector products

Precautions for installation of guardrail reflector products

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Precautions for installation of guardrail reflector products.(a) Any guardrail reflector shall be installed only where the following conditions are met:(1) The reflective material shall be of a material compatible with guardrail flashing and shall not be considered detrimental to aircraft performance or to the safety of human passengers.(2) The guardrail material shall be installed in such a manner that it complies with the requirements of §25.1071 and shall not exceed the thickness of the guardrail that is approved for use in the applicable Class D airspace or where the ambient noise is not excessive.(3) The guardrail reflectors shall be installed on both sides of the guardrail, unless authorized to install guardrail in a single-piece guardrail.(4) Prior to installation, the guardrail reflectors shall demonstrate that the guardrail assembly meets all of the requirements.

Guardrail reflector products shall be installed as detailed below to the highest possible level of safety in compliance with FHWA specifications.A guardrail reflector shall be installed at each end of the rail. The guardrail reflector shall be attached to the rail below the top of the guardrail.If guardrail reflectors are installed on elevated structure such as girders or stairs, a clearance of at least 8 inches shall be provided around the uppermost 2 inches of the guardrail reflector. In all other cases, guardrail reflectors shall have a minimum 5-degree clearance from such structure. Guards shall be permanently secured to the adjacent structure to ensure a safe operating environment.A guardrail reflector at a curb shall have a minimum clearance of 3 inches behind the curb.

A. Prevent the guardrail from turning sideways on the roadway. B. Prevent the guard-rail from being removed. C. Deflects the lateral wind currents toward the guardrail. D. Lowers the weather stripping which insulates the guardrail. E. Allows installation of an external guardrail.7, Guardrail reflector products, lateral wind application. guardrail reflector shall be installed at a point not less than 1 inch (25 mm) vertical on the roadway and 2 inches (51 mm) horizontal from the edge to be protected. A. guardrail shall be centered between the centerline of the guardrail on each side and shall be sized to be aligned with the angle of wind. lateral wind shall extend forward and be perpendicular to the guardrail perpendicular to the length of the guard and shall extend approximately one degree beyond the guardrail to the roadway.

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